Sandra Manley

Sandra Manley PhotoSandra is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant and the founding member of The Coaching Foundry.

As a coach, Sandra is interested in what happens when you are fully yourself – in thought, in action, in being. Through her work, she talks to people about what it means to be truly ‘them-selves’ and see how this can be transformational in their lives.

It also feels important to walk that path for her-self. Career-wise, Sandra has 20 years experience in business where she has been primarily interested in facts, ideas and people. She moved to London in 1999 and settled on a managerial role for a fire safety consultancy, spending the next 10 years gaining professional qualifications and learning how people tick.

Part of her job became facilitating, training and developing people and she found she enjoyed this much more than balancing budgets so when a coach helped her understand that she was putting her-self in a box she didn’t fit in, she decided to explore her true nature and find out how that might transform her professional life.

She added Professional Coaching to her skills set in 2012 and now runs her business from Brighton, operating in a more creative and energetic way, doing inspiring work with ambitious people working through transition and career-change.

People enjoy working with Sandra as much as she does with them. She likes to think its because she believe in them, trusts that they are remarkable and are capable of remarkable things. This kind of belief can be game changing. Its something Sandra knows and has been privileged to experience for her-self over the years. The impact can be extraordinary.

As a professional coach, Sandra adheres to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and receives regular supervision.

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