Rowan Gray

Rowan Gray PhotoRowan Gray is a business coach at Relume. He works with leaders who are looking for a different perspective. He challenges and supports them to find new ideas and the breakthrough they need.

He is passionate about sport and often uses cycling, running or walking as a tool to
create a shift in his client’s thinking. Movement helps to generate insights, enable more
creativity and give people an increased feeling of energy. These are qualities needed
to adapt and thrive in organisations that are increasingly complex, ambiguous and fast-paced.

Previously he spent six years in the Sustainability Services team at Deloitte. Through his
work as a consultant he worked with people who challenged the status quo, whether in
large corporates or social enterprises. He supported leaders to achieve growth and
develop solutions that tackled some of our key challenges in society.

He believes resilience is essential for people who wants to create change. Rowan has a
wellbeing and resilience qualification and is co-authoring the book ‘Your Body Doesn’t
Know What You Earn’ with Claire Breeze, co-founder of Relume.

Rowan brings curiosity, energy and a sense of fun to his work. He keeps himself inspired by exploring new places from the saddle of his bicycle.

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