Maria Skanavi

Maria Skanavi

After two years at Merrill Lynch, she left for a Masters in Economics in Geneva, followed by three years in private banking at UBS. In her spare time, she volunteers as an English teacher, helping foreigners adapt to the globalised job market. Her undergraduate degree is in Economics from LSE.  Maria is currently Innovation Project Manager at Comic Relief.

On Purpose Placements

Reporting to the Co-Innovation Assistant Vice-President, Maria led a review of Interface’s carpet maintenance practices and delivered recommendations for new maintenance services. She also analysed carpet sampling practices and produced a report with recommendations on how to improve sampling procedures. Finally, she supported the launch and management of an internal ideas exchange platform, where employees across different segments can communicate and help shape the future direction of the company.

Comic Relief
Reporting to the Head of UK Innovation, Maria managed the collaboration with a digital innovation agency aimed at developing new revenue-generating digital products and services. She also managed communications between the International Grants team and Bridges Ventures in order to produce a report containing recommendations for a bespoke Comic Relief Social Investment strategy. Finally, she researched new revenue-generating innovations and ideas on an on-going basis.

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