Malavika Raghavan

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Malavika Raghavan

Malavika is a lawyer, qualified in England and in India, with a masters degree in public policy. She worked for over five years with Allen & Overy LLP in London, completing a training contract at the firm before going on to work as a solicitor within the international capital markets practice team (with a focus on securitisation). More recently, projects with Acumen’s Impact team in London and with IFMR Finance Foundation in Chennai, India focussed her interest on the social impact of more inclusive finance and enterprise.

Malavika grew up in India, completing a five-year law-degree at the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR). After her stint at A&O she went on to do her MPhil in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. She is tri-lingual – speaking Tamil, Hindi and English, and is currently making brave attempts to learn German. Outside of social enterprise, she has a keen interest in politics, international affairs and women’s rights and is involved with various groups in London around these themes.

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