Loes van Rheen

Loes van Rheen

Loes is inspired and intrigued by the ‘what if’ story: what if we stop accepting the current status quo? What if we start questioning what is commonly accepted? What if we can find new ways of sustainable value creation? What if creating sustainable value is in the DNA of every business model? What is that is the new status quo?  She started her career in the financial consultancy world (EY ao), and soon switched to the sustainable agriculture and access to finance world; Loes helped building utz certified (leading sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea), access to finance start-up SCOPEinsight, sustainable transparency app Questionmark and social crowd funding platform Lendahand. Her responsibilities ranged from finance and fundraising to marketing & communications and business development. She helped growing Lendahand (loans for SMEs in upcoming economies) from €60k to € 1,5m outstanding loans in approx. 1,5 year. During her last project she designed an impact measurement model and started with the first actual impact measurements.

Loes have a Bsc in Business Administration and an MSc in International Business Administration (Cum Laude) from Tias School for Business & Society in the Netherlands.

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