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Janet Larsen

Drawing on the unique combination of practical experience as a psychologist and 16 years in financial services, Janet brings psychological depth and pragmatic realism to her coaching.

Janet’s clients are high potentials striving to up their game in the face of ever increasing demands on their time, energy and resilience. Her most successful clients are willing to reach deep inside, tackle self-limiting beliefs and connect with what makes work meaningful to them and those they work with.

Relationships and interactions are often the most challenging aspects of work and Janet helps clients – particularly those stepping into greater leadership roles – raise their emotional intelligence to increase their self-management, adaptability, interpersonal acuity and resourcefulness. She is trained by CEDR as a mediator and works with partnerships at any stage to develop, strengthen or recover their unity.

Self-confidence can be an elusive state of mind and a powerful enabler. Janet works with professionals in positions of influence – especially women – to achieve greater organisational impact and effectiveness.

Janet’s knowledge of the inner workings of hundreds of asset management firms, teams and professionals around the globe means she knows intimately the challenges faced by these professionals, including reconciling conflicting pressures from various stakeholders, making decisions of conviction tempered with healthy self-doubt in the face of uncertainty, shaping and leveraging winning teams and communicating with clients at the best and the worst of times.

Coach and consultant to individuals and organisations in asset management, banking, private equity, the law, consumer goods, social services, writers and artists, Janet’s spectrum is wide. Originally trained as a psychologist at Stanford, Oxford and Copenhagen universities doing academic research and clinical work in a variety of settings, her reach is deep. She provides support and thought-provoking challenge in equal measure. When it comes to improving performance and obtaining fulfilment at work, Janet aims high.

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