Isabelle de Morlhon

Isabelle de Morlhon

Isabelle started her career at Procter & Gamble, and evolved in various brand management roles where she was responsible for brand strategy and planning, new products launches, marketing plans and customised retailer plans. Amongst other projects she successfully led the Pampers-UNICEF “1 pack=1 vaccine” campaign for the UK. Isabelle also has volunteering experience in Latin America. She holds Master’s degrees in Management from HEC Paris and from CEMS.

On Purpose Placements

The Shaftesbury Partnership
Isabelle worked as a member of the core team at The Shaftesbury Partnership, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and collaborating with the Partners, the Head of Strategy, and the entrepreneurs leading the various ventures. She firstly supported a pilot venture with its brand strategy, and subsequently focused on the external communications of The Shaftesbury Partnership, creating a benchmarking process, leading a stakeholder analysis and delivering communication tools and plans.

London Early Years Foundation
LEYF are on a path to growth to deliver greater social impact while ensuring financial stability – building a better future for an increasing number of London children through a growing network of community nurseries. Isabelle contributed to the transformation of the organisation through marketing. She led a range of initiatives aimed at increasing occupancy in the nurseries, including building customer understanding, developing new processes and materials to improve the customer experience and organising the first Open Day across LEYF nurseries. She worked closely with the nursery leadership teams through regular training sessions and 1-on-1 support and guidance to build their confidence and skills to deliver ambitious targets.

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