Heider Ridha

RIDHA Heider profileHeider Ridha

Heider Ridha is a Manager at Bain and Company, the strategy consulting firm. He has worked in more than 15 different countries, speaks 8 languages and holds a magna cum laude Master in Chemical Engineering.

At Bain Heider has gained extensive experience in Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Private Equity and Consumer Goods. His experience spans projects on growth strategy, M&A integration and due diligence, performance improvement and organizational design.

Heider is currently part of Bain’s London office, but has also worked 6 months in Bain’s New York Private Equity Ringfence, and on projects in Paris, Moscow, Zagreb, Prague, Saint Louis, Rotterdam and Brussels.

Before joining Bain he undertook a one year world tour around 12 cities, doing internships in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, and Houston among other cities.

Heider holds a magna cum laude Master in Chemical Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, meeting new people, learning languages, playing music, reading and writing.

Heider strongly believes this world is becoming a better place every day. He also believes every single person can contribute to that phenomenal journey. Mentoring the next generation of social enterprise leaders at On Purpose is one of the ways he hopes to contribute.

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