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Eloise Sobczyk

For over 5 years as a management consultant in financial services, Eloise delivered solutions in multi-level (from small to large-scale) operational challenges, such as the regulatory and cultural pressures the banking industry faces today. With particular focus on change management, her internal contributions included the importance of using communications and cultural understanding as a driver of successful and sustainable change.

Most recently, Eloise spent 6 months working for a non-profit in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest, where she leant her management consultancy skills to determining the strategic direction of the conservation charity. This included developing and delivering communications and fundraising strategies, while also handling day-to-day volunteer and project management. She also worked closely with local and international students, as well as becoming engaged with local politics on the topic of mining. Her time away fuelled her appetite for working with an environmental and social focus, and she continues to support the non-profit remotely.

Eloise holds a BA in modern history from Balliol College, Oxford.

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