Doug Fraley

Doug Fraley

Doug is a strategic, organisational and operational adviser and social entrepreneur. He helps businesses, charities and public bodies launch, scale and flourish – combining business discipline and rigour with a values focus.

He was a co-founder and executive of two thriving organisations – The Challenge and NCS Trust – now with combined annual revenues exceeding £100m. He has just co-founded Starfish Group, whose pilot Good Company programme seeks to connect volunteers with local older people who are living alone and would like more face-to-face company.

In addition to serving customers and nurturing company culture as an executive in the social sector, Doug has twelve years’ experience as a consultant and manager at McKinsey & Company and Google. His early career was as a small-unit leader and strategic planner in the Army.

Doug’s main areas of experience and knowledge are: leadership, organisational culture, start-up, growth, learning & development, sales & marketing systems, strategic commissioning, supply chain management, government relations.

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