David Bartram

David Bartram

David’s previous role was with Lloyds Banking Groups Consumer Banking division, identifying opportunities and developing strategies during turbulent economic times. Prior to this he was with the financial services practice at McKinsey & Company, though also had the opportunity to work on various social sector studies. David read Management and Psychology at Nottingham University

On Purpose Placements

Big Society
David produced a research and strategy paper on the role BSC and social investment can play in the UK social housing market. He also worked on a number of investment proposals and Social Impact Bonds, carrying out social impact due diligence and presenting his findings and recommendations to the Investment Committee

CapitalLondon Early Years Foundation
David set up and ran a Programme Management Office to support the implementation and tracking of various initiatives that were being undertaken at LEYF. He also developed a communication programme that was delivered by the CEO on LEYF’s growth and future development strategy. Finally, he supported in the development of an investment case for LEYF which helped to secure funding for LEYF’s growth.

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