Daniel Bhugon

Daniel Bhugon

After a period of independent travel throughout Asia, Daniel returned to London to establish his own software company, allowing him the time to pursue voluntary roles supporting charities in the UK and abroad. Prior to this, Daniel worked as a structurer for several years, most recently in equity derivatives BNP Paribas. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Imperial College, London.

On Purpose Placements

FARM Africa
As part of Farm Africa’s proactive partnership strategy, Daniel drafted a partnership risk policy and established the processes under which potential partnerships would be considered. He developed an over-arching risk framework and performed an in-depth analysis of the foreign exchange risk that Farm Africa is exposed to. He also surveyed the opportunities and threats to Farm Africa with respect to its intellectual property, and with the aid of external expertise made recommendations for the workplan of its commercially-focussed activities. Finally, he was responsible for the sourcing and implementation of an organisation-wide knowledge and idea sharing platform which he concluded by negotiating and agreeing a three-year contract with an online social network.

Daniel worked in the Business and Growth directorate of Catch22, identifying opportunities for Catch22 to improve its use of technology to engage with the young people it works with. He worked with teachers in Catch22’s schools to develop and pilot a course using video games and coding to motivate some of the disaffected young people enrolled in alternative provision. He also wrote a detailed proposal to develop a mobile and web app that engages young people in social action that was awarded £90,000 by Nominet Trust. Alongside this work, the Daniel advised on a number of nascent social investment proposals spanning the varied activities of Catch22.

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