Constança Santos

 Constança Santos
Constança Santos

Prior to joining On Purpose, Constança,developed her consultancy skills at a strategic HR consultancy company in Portugal, where she is originally from. Before that she worked for AIESEC having as main responsibilities team management, development and implementation of strategy, performance management and management of governance boards. Constança has also worked as a volunteer in an NGO during 2,5 months in Ghana, being involved in projects related to child rights. She graduated in Economics from Nova School of Business and Economics, in Lisbon.

On Purpose Placements

Marks & Spencer, UnLtd 

Marks & Spencer has a strategy to become a sustainable retailer which is known as Plan A. This strategy is spread across the business and Constança was part of the Foods Plan A team. One of her main roles was to support a programme that aims to help suppliers become more sustainable in their operations. She worked on the supplier engagement side, allowing the team to focus also on other aspects of the programme. Her second main role was supporting the delivery of Ethical Training for M&S suppliers in the UK and in the African continent.


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