Chris Gale

 Chris Gale
Chris Gale

Prior to joining On Purpose Chris worked for 6 years in the education and international development sector. Chris managed a wide variety of projects in India, Ghana and South Africa focused on improving access to vocational education and training for livelihood development and employability. Chris holds a degree in Geography from The University of Manchester and a Masters in International Business and Development from Birkbeck College

On Purpose Placements

Ben & Jerry’s, Marks & Spencer

Chris worked as part of Ben & Jerry’s European Social Mission team to develop a range of campaigns related to social and environmental justice for implementation across Ben & Jerry’s European markets.  Chris also managed a number of projects relating to the company’s Values Led Sourcing policy. The first of which aimed to increase Ben & Jerry’s relationship with their smallholder producers by funding projects which provide capacity development to farmers. Chris managed an initial pilot in Uganda which targeted the development of a new training centre for Ben & Jerry’s vanilla farmers.  As part of a new product launch linked to Ben & Jerry’s collaboration with the Bob Marley foundation, 1Love, Chris also managed the establishment of a youth empowerment project in Jamaica.  The project will provide training and facilitation workshops to organisations working with disadvantaged young people in a number of Jamaican communities.


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