Aurelie Faugier

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Aurelie Faugier

Before joining On Purpose, Aurelie was posted in India, where she has been working as Operations Manager for a start-up NGO, Mentor Me India, providing low income children with strong role models in Mumbai. She fell in love with India whilst travelling, which lead her to move to Mumbai with a desire to make a social impact. As the first full-time employee, she grew the organisation from 30 to 200 active mentor-mentee pairs. Prior to that she was a digital marketer, with experience working for a media agency in Paris and for a global advertiser in Barcelona, where she gained experience on multi-channel marketing campaigns. Aurelie holds a master degree from Toulouse Business School (France). When she’s not working, you will find her preparing her next trip to an exotic destination or a must-see of her host country.

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Economic Change, British Council

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