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Audrey Lang

Before joining On Purpose, Audrey worked at the crossroads between digital and TV. She led the development of applications and online features and produced content specifically devised for digital platforms on shows such as the X Factor or The Apprentice for ITV and FremantleMedia.

More recently her role focused more on business development for Shotglass Media, Fremantle’s digital label in the UK, and she created her consultancy business, advising small companies in their digital, content and marketing strategy.

Audrey has always been attracted to innovative, creative and entrepreneurial environments. She joined a start-up straight after graduating from Business School, and has since worked in small companies or small and entrepreneurial departments within larger companies.

She has been volunteering for various NGOs, producing films and content for them and being part of their communications board.

Audrey holds a Business Masters from ESCP Europe, Paris. Passionate about International Development, she also has a Certificate in Development Studies at Birkbeck University.

On Purpose Placements

Craigie Capital and ChainChecked, The Careers and Enterprise Co.

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