Antonia Orr

Antonia Orr
Antonia Orr

Antonia has a degree in Modern Languages from Balliol College, Oxford. She worked for a London-based financial communications consultancy before moving to work for five years in the non-profit sector in Mexico City.  Prior to joining On Purpose, Antonia was Head of Development at Semillas, a non-profit women´s fund which aims to strengthen women-led grassroots organisations working to close the gender gap in Mexico. She is particularly interested in finding innovative ways to make non-profit organisations less dependent on traditional fundraising models and more financially viable to secure a longer-lasting social impact.

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UnLtd, ECT Charity

Antonia played an integral part in the initial set-up and launch of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) – a global network for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs that offers peer to peer support and shared learning opportunities. Within the first six months, 36 support organisations from 26 countries joined the network. The network – which is incubated by UnLtd – responds to a pressing need from early stage support organisations around the world to learn from each other in order to grow and provide better support to social entrepreneurs in their region.


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