What we do

We run a one-year, full time, leadership programme that combines paid work placements with weekly training and regular one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

We look for talented and committed professionals with a track record of achievement

who work in 2 x 6-month paid placements

receive fortnightly mentoring

To kick-start a career with purpose and build life-changing networks

weekly world-class training

and quarterly executive coaching

We believe On Purpose is unique, because we go:

Beyond entrepreneurs
For social enterprises to become successful, the movement needs not only entrepreneurs but also top quality managers and professionals. We are the only social enterprise programme focused on attracting these kinds of professionals.

Beyond volunteers
Our full-time programme attracts those who are truly committed to changing their careers.

Beyond charity
We have a self-funding business model that our placement hosts pay for. By making placement hosts pay, we reinforce the message that talent is worth investing in.

Beyond the short term
Leading social enterprises is difficult – it requires years of experience in the social enterprise space. We help talented people to make this transition early in their career when they still have decades of valuable work ahead of them.

Beyond social enterprise
Social enterprise is less widely known than social entrepreneurs like to think so we engage hundreds of volunteers across all sectors to train, mentor, coach our Associates, and in many other roles. This not only spreads the word but also creates valuable new networks and opportunities for social enterprise.

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